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Principal Dr. Dilip Chandra Das 943613 6393 (M), 2314722 (R), 2357130(O)



Dr. N.K. Purkayasthya Professor & HOD 943616 7935
Dr. Nabakumar Bezbarua Assistant Professor 98641107808
Dr. H.P.Sarma Assistant Professor 9862209667
Dr. Shantonu Kr. Das Assistant Professor  
Dr. Kabita Das Tutor 94361 35513
Dr. Partha Sarathi Paul Tutor 2352020
Dr. Minakshi Dey Tutor 2222766 (R)/943612068
Dr. Zia Ul Hoque Tutor  


Dr. (Mrs.) Sudeepa Choudhury Professor & HOD 09862217604
Dr. Evalyn Singnarpi Assistant Professor 9436139584
Dr. Debasish Chakraborty Assistant Professor  
Mr. Rajib Chakraborty Assistant Professor 943613 9580 (M)
Dr. Indrajit Paul (2) Tutor  
Dr.Parimal Chakraborty Tutor 2322474,94361 39348
Dr. Sukanya Sarkar Tutor 943613 9181,235 1331 (R)
Dr. Pranab Deb Barma Tutor 2309214 (R),943612 8762 (M)
Dr.Rituprna Bora (Datta) Tutor  

Bio Chemistry

Dr. Chinmoy Biswas Professor & HOD 94361-68737
Dr. Pradip Kr. Ghosh Assistant Professor 231 4073 (R)
Dr. Ajay Kumar Das Tutor  
Dr. Abhijit Ghosh Tutor 943612 0832, 2350050 (R)

Community Medicine

Dr. Satiprasad Sinha Professor & HOD 94351 12693 (M)
Dr. Subrata Baidya Assistant Professor 2305370 (R) 943612 2899
Dr. Jogesh Das Assistant Professor  
Dr. Chinmoyee Borthakur Assistant Professor  
Dr. Arundhuti Roy Tutor  
Dr. Rupali Chodhuri Lady Medical Officer  
Dr. Gargee Bhattacharjee Lady Medical Officer  


Dr. Thokchom Imoba Singh Professor & HOD 09436459381
Dr. Ranjib Ghosh Assistant Professor 9436139660
Dr. Debasis Roy Assistant Professor 94361 25100
Dr. Susmita Patowari Assistant Professor  
Dr. Sutapa Bhattacharjee Tutor  
Dr. Mamata Debbarma Tutor  
Dr. Animesh Das Tutor  
Dr. Haripada Saha Tutor  


Dr. Dipak Chandra Das Professor & HOD 94361 39503
Dr.(Mrs.) Ellen Doris Gatphoh Professor  
Dr. Abhijit Dutta Assistant Professor 94361 20255
Dr. Manashi Saha Assistant Professor  
Dr. Arup Bhowmik Tutor 2300456, 9436454329
Dr. Rabindra Patowari Tutor  
Dr. Prithwish Debbarma Tutor  
Dr. Silpi Saha Tutor  


Dr. (Mrs.) Rehana Begum Professor & HOD 9436139582
Dr. Tapan Majumder Assistant Professor  
Dr. Arun Ghosh Tutor 9436126768
Dr. Tarun Roy Tutor  

Forensic Medicine

Dr. Ranjit Das Assistant Professor  
Dr. Jayanta Sankar Chakraborty Tutor 943613 0061
Dr. Pranab Choudhury Tutor  


Dr. Manmatha Nath Professor & HOD 2314108, 94361 68160
Dr. Aswani Kumar Barman Professor  
Dr. Pradip Bhoumik Assistant Professor 94361 20250
Dr. Rajesh Kishore Debbarma Assistant Professor 2306157, 9863045305
Dr. Arunabha Dasgupta Assistant Professor 2224035
Dr. Shyamal Roy Sr. Resident  
Dr. Chayan Bhattacherjee Sr. Resident  
Dr. Atul Debbarma Sr. Resident 943612 1065 (M), 2353046 (R)
Dr. Swapan Das Sr. Resident  
Dr. Parimal Sarkar Sr. Resident  
Dr. Swapan Jamatia Jr. Resident 94361 -21950
Dr. Sajal Deb Barma Jr. Resident 943612 2105, 232 8235
Dr. Ranjan Bhowmik Jr. Resident 943612 6439, 2306340
Dr. Ratan Bhattacherjee Jr. Resident 943612 0714, 2307011
Dr. Ranjan Roy Jr. Resident  
Dr. Dinesh Das Jr. Resident  
Dr. Sushanta Sen Jr. Resident 9436130400
Dr. Mahabubur Rahaman Jr. Resident  


Dr. W. Gopimohan Singh Professor & HOD  
Dr. Bhaskar Ch. Medhi Professor  
Dr. Pradip Sarkar Assistant Professor  
Dr. Amaremdra Debbarma Assistant Professor  
Dr. Sanjib Kr. Purkayastha Assistant Professor  
Dr. Sunil Kr. Ghosh Sr. Resident  
Dr. Arunabha Sinha Sr. Resident  
Dr. Sujit Bhattacherjee Sr. Resident  
Dr. Damadar Chatterjee Sr. Resident  
Dr. Niladri Sen Gupta Jr. Resident  
Dr. Kishore Sarkar Jr. Resident  
Dr. Gautam Deb Barma Jr. Resident  
Dr. Dipak Deb Barma Jr. Resident  
Dr. Siromani Debbamram Jr. Resident  
Dr. Jadumohan Tripura Jr. Resident  
Dr. Jaydip Debbarma Jr. Resident  
Dr. Satyendra Saha Jr. Resident  


Dr. Sanjib Kr. Debbarma Assistant Professor  
Dr. Nil Ratan Majumder Sr. Resident  
Dr. Ashok Chakraborty Sr. Resident  
Dr. Sujit Chakraborty Jr. Resident  
Dr. Arup Pal Jr. Resident  
Dr. Sukumar Das Jr. Resident  
Dr. Anuka Bhowmik Jr. Resident  


Dr. K.D. Singh Professor & HOD  
Dr. Tarak Nath Sen Professor  
Dr. Tapan Kr. Das (3) Assistant Professor  
Dr. Bhupesh Sil Sr. Resident  
Dr. Sarajit Debbarma Sr. Resident  
Dr. Mrinal Bhattacharjee Jr. Resident  
Dr. Samir Das Jr. Resident  
Dr. Rajat Debbarma Jr. Resident  
Dr. Asik Ikbal Mazumder Jr. Resident  


Dr. Phani Sarkar Assistant Professor  
Dr. Bijoy Deb Barma Sr. Resident  
Dr. Abhijit Roy Sr. Resident  
Dr. M.J. Pannicker Jr. Resident  


Dr. Biplab Nath Assistant Professor  
Dr. Tarun Guha Sr. Resident  
Dr. Bhupendra Debbarma Sr. Resident  
Dr. Sankar Sarkar Jr. Resident  
Dr. Hironmoy De Jr. Resident  

Obst. & Gynaeo

Dr. N. Sarat Kumar Singh Professor & HOD  
Dr. Jayanta Roy Assistant Professor  
Dr. Jaharlal Baidya Assistant Professor  
Dr. Saumitra Majumder Assistant Professor  
Dr. Asish Kr. Rakshit Assistant Professor  
Dr. Bappaditya Som Sr. Resident  
Dr. Ashok Majumder Sr. Resident  
Dr. Subhendu Chakraborty Sr. Resident  
Dr. Jyotirmoy Das Jr. Resident  
Dr. Biswajit Sinha Jr. Resident  
Dr. Himadri Daru Jr. Resident  
Dr. Bindu Prasad Bin Jr. Resident  


Dr. P.N. Singh Professor & HOD  
Dr. Subash Ranjan Das Assistant Professor  
Dr. Nitas Habib Laskar Assistant Professor 9863044770
Dr. Bishwajit Chakraborty Sr. Resident  
Dr. Anupam Chakraborty Sr. Resident  
Dr. Utpal Dutta Sr. Resident  


Dr. Laxmi Kanta Sinha Assistant Professor  
Dr. Ashim De Assistant Professor  
Dr. Krishnapada Debnath Tutor  
Dr. Ashis Nath Tutor  


Dr. Krishna Debbarma Assistant Professor  
Dr. Majusree Roy Choudhury Jr. Resident  


Dr. Bhubaneswar Roy Assistant Professor  
Dr. Rupamoy Wardedar Jr. Resident  

TB & Chest

Dr. Ullas Debbarma Jr. Resident  
Dr. Subhash Biswas Jr. Resident  


Dr. Dipak Sadhan Paul Majumder Assistant Professor  
Dr. Sefali Subba Tutor  



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